Ruth Goldbaum, ed. Art by Rini Templeton Planning a march, rally, teach-in, civil disobedience action? Chants and songs are an energizing, essential part of our movements. Good Chants (pocket-sized) has been boldly updated with 168 chants and 20 songs for the anti-Trump era! Good Chants is a ready resource for any political action. In these tough times, chants and songs are important tools that can deliver powerful messages. A few well-chosen “sound bites” can brighten and energize any event. You can hand out this pocket-sized booklet to folks and collect at end, or designate chant leaders to have "permanent " copies, or make copies of select chants suited to your event. Softcover, 4x5, 46pp., 2018. is a database of all chants included in this booklet & will be updated regularly, so check back for new chants. 1-9 copies - $4.95 each, 10-49 copies - $4 each, 50+ copies - $3 each. Special acknowledgement & appreciation for this edition go to: Maxx Hill, Jackie Filson, Mattie Banzhaf, Rebecca Delgado Brito, Laura Goldbaum, Elaine Elinson, Andy Mager, Colleen Kattau, Pearl Granat, Sharon Heyman, to the memory of Jon Fromer and to Pete Seeger who inspired and encouraged this project from its inception!

Chants include Multi-Purpose Protest, Labor Union, Social Justice & Racial Justice, Immigration, Spanish and other languages, Feminist, LGBTQ, Environmental and Gun Control.