Colleen is an award-winning bilingual vocalist and songwriter who stirs listeners with her clear voice, collective spirit, and rhythmic sensibility. NERFA showcase artist Colleen Kattau's music has been featured on Democracy Now, and she performs at Phil Ochs nights.

Jolie Christine Rickman (July 9, 1970 - January 19, 2005) was an American feminist, humanitarian, social activist, and musician. She released three full-length recordings independently and was renowned for performing political songs condemning homophobia and racism.


1. Romero

2. What Shall We do with the School of Torutre

3. El Mozote

4. SOA Fight Song

5. Borderlines

6. Put it In the Ground

7. Wild Over Me

8. Se Necesnta Mucharcha

9. Waldrof Astoria

10. Itsy Bitsy