It Feels Good To Be Yourself
Theresa Thorn
Art: Noah Grigni

A primer on gender identity for younger kids with colorful art and main characters who are diverse in race, sexuality, ability, and of course gender identity. The text invites children to express their own gender identity and encourages them to trust their own feelings about their gender.

Readers meet Ruthie, an elementary-school aged transgender girl. She explains that when she was born, everyone thought she was a boy, but she was actually always a girl! Her parents are glad when she tells them. When Ruthie’s younger brother was born, everyone thought he was a boy, and they were right! Terms introduced include transgender, cisgender, gender nonbinary, and gender identity.

"This expansive, straightforward framing of gender emphasizes curiosity, joy, and positive self-expression . . . . Exceptional." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Ages 4-8.

Hardcover, 9x9, 40pp., 2019.