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Bookmark - Love My Country, Still Love Justice

Let’s reclaim our flag as a powerful symbol of freedom, equality and justice. “I should like to be able to love my country and still love justice.” Born in Algeria...

Bookmark - Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live

Karen Kerney, watercolor; SCW©2007. The US consumer lifestyle is strongly connected to exploitation of workers, repression, military intervention and environmental degradation as multinationals seek to maximize profits.

Bookmark - In Germany

In Germany I Didn't Speak Out Martin Niemoller, imprisoned by the Nazis, used this quote in post-World War II speeches to urge solidarity against all forms of repression. The US...

Bookmark - Do Justice

Do Justice Each bookmark measures 2x6 in. SCW©2001. Art by Elly Simmons and Bonnie Acker. Text by Doris Janzen Longacre adapted from Living More With Less with permission form Mennonite...

Bookmark - General Smedley Butler - I Was a Racketeer for Capitalism

I Was a Racketeer for Capitalism SCW ©2007 After he retired, Marine General Butler realized what he had done and with WWII looming, decided to speak out. He helped stop...

Bookmark - Como Fortalecer Su Comunidad

Text: Members SCW community. Translation: Colleen Kattau. In response to many customer requests. Text reads: Apague su televisor*Salga De Su Casa Conozca a sus vecinos Salude a la gente Mire...

Bookmark - How To Build Community

How To Build Community Text: Members SCW community. Karen Kerney, watercolor. SCW©1998. Spanish version available. Turn off your TV*Leave your house Know your neighbors Look up when you are walking...