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Notecard - Do Justice

Do Justice SCW ©2001. Art: Elly Simmons and Bonnie Acker. Text: Doris Janzen Longacre adapted from Living More With Less with permission from Mennonite Publishing House.

Notecard - How To End Global Warming

How To End Global Warming Text: Guy Dauncey and SCW©2003 A blueprint (complete with coffee ring stain!) for people and institutions seeking practical ways to cool the climate. Revised text...

Notecard - Make Out Not War

Make Out Not War Favianna Rodriguez, digital offset ©2008. SCW©2010. Original poster created for CodePink for 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Notecard Collection - Dance Cards

Dance Cards 3 each of 4 designs: •Dancer with Birds (C022CWD) •Fan Dancers (C024CWD) •Dancers of the 3rd Age (C537CWD) •Red Dress Dancing (C855CWD) Also available separately.

Notecard - Be The Change

Be The Change Anna Pomaska, photograph ©2003. SCW ©2006. Detail of a beautifully decorated "peace van" crafted by a member of the Rainbow Family near Pacific Grove, CA. Includes a...