The four cards included in the collection are:

Protesting Inequality At US Centennial In Philadelphia 1876 T236CW Art: excerpt from Matilda Who? pen and ink, and digital color comic by Eric Shanower (artist) and Laura Martin (color) © 2018

Women’s rights activists crashed the party at the nation’s Centennial Celebration at Independence Square in Philadelphia. Leading a group of five women, Susan B. Anthony presented a “Declaration of Rights of the Women of the United States” on behalf of the National Woman Suffrage Association.

Suffragists Crash Lady Liberty Unveiling 1886 T237CW Mixed media illustration by Bec Young © 2019

The NY Woman Suffrage Association protest highlighted the contradiction of a grand celebration for a statue of a woman representing liberty while denying women the right to vote.

Ida B. Wells And Others Confront Systemic Racism 1913 T238CW Mixed media fiber quilt by Vanessa Johnson 2019

For decades the Women's Suffrage movement struggled with issues of racism and economic privilege. At the magnificent Woman Suffrage Procession on March 3, 1913, in Washington DC, Ida B. Wells and other African Americans refused to march in the back and were supported by white colleagues. This legacy of racism continues to limit the success of the feminist movement today.

Victory! Millions Celebrate National Suffrage 1920 T236CW Ratification digital graphic by Meneese Wall © 2018

Alice Paul, National Woman's Party (NWP) founder, unfurls the completed Ratification Flag at the NWP national office in Washington, DC. The flag had 36 stars, one for each state that ratified the 19th Amendment. The NWP was instrumental in winning the fight for a federal amendment.