Peace, Love, Action!: Everyday Acts of Goodness
Tanya Zabinski
Foreword by Ani DiFranco

Peace, Love, Action! highlights contemporary changemakers and actions readers can take for a better world. Each chapter, centered around one action, synopsizes a changemaker’s life and includes thought-provoking questions and action steps. Complemented by poignant original woodcuts, Peace, Love, Action! is an accessible, engaging tool for teachers, parents, or self-guided youth looking for concrete examples of how to change the world.

Peace Love Action! perfectly embodies one of the key messages that I am always trying to get across to children around the world—that every day we live on this planet, we make some impact—and we have a choice as to what sort of difference we make.” — Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, UN Messenger of Peace

“Anyone can take action to make the world a better place. Peace, Love, Action! is an illustrated guide, filled with steps readers can take to make a difference… [and]… true stories about people whose actions have made a big impact.” —TIME for Kids

Peace, Love, Action! gathers a diverse mix of activists who contribute to peace in the world in inventive and individual ways. It gives the reader a lens to see each day as an opportunity to practice peace and justice.” —Sister Helen Prejean, campaigner against the death penalty and author of Dead Man Walking

“This book is hands-on, down-to-earth and practical, as well as visually stunning, inspiring, and nurturing to the spirit, just like some fertile soil!” —Leah Penniman, cofounder of Soul Fire Farm, and author of Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land

“I recommend Peace, Love, Action! for the toolbox of every family and school who wants to bring more love into the world.” —Valarie Kaur, civil rights activist, lawyer, filmmaker, and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project

“It’s a cliché to say this is an illustrated book for our times, but it is! Tanya Zabinski has created a much-needed book for the middle-grade reader—and for teachers to use to introduce exemplary people and concepts. Stunning, woodcut-like artwork puts the frosting on this cake!” —Tomie dePaola, award-winning illustrator/writer of more than 270 books, including Strega Nona and Quiet

Hardcover, 6x9, 120pp., 2019.

Ages 12+