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Postcard and Bookmark contain slightly edited text from the original poster for readability.

A new tool offering guidance for white folks looking to be part of the anti-racist solution. While there are no easy answers, there is much important work to do in ourselves, our organizations, our communities and our world. Thanks to the diverse team of advisors who generously assisted SCW on this project: Ionah Dance, Janet Flores, Vanessa Johnson, Matt Meyer, Mieko Palazzo, Cjala Surratt and Julio Urrutia. This is a great tool for classrooms, community centers, faith communities and more.

Full Poster Text:

White supremacy is a system of domination which provides legal, social and economic benefits to those defined and perceived as white.

Tools for Action
Never forget that the US was founded on the genocide of Indigenous People and the enslavement of African People.
Systematic efforts to hide, erase, and reinforce that history continue today.

White elites created white supremacy (with active support/acceptance from most other white people).
It is the responsibility of ALL white people to dismantle it.

Anti-racist movements aim to dismantle institutions of domination.
Individuals play an important part, but changing individual minds is not enough.

Black/African, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC) are the primary targets of white supremacy,
but it damages the humanity of ALL people.

White supremacy is deeply rooted in patriarchal Christianity and Eurocentrism.
Learn about the Doctrine of Discovery, Manifest Destiny and imperialism.

White supremacy targets all People of Color:
Black, African, Latinx, Caribbean, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Arab, Persian and others.

Support efforts to abolish the current policing and criminal injustice system and develop new visions of community safety.
Divest from brutal, discriminatory, militarized over-policing, and invest in work to create true, universal public safety.

Provide high-quality, creative education to all young people, ending centuries of mis-education of BIPOC peoples.
Fund schools equitably with critical, empowering and diversity-based teaching methods and staff.

Being uncomfortable is a GIVEN for white folks doing this work.
Understand it’s natural, and learn to work with it. Safety for People of Color is more important than white comfort.

Learn about and celebrate the powerful, ongoing history of resistance to white supremacy by BIPOC and allies.
Resources are plentiful: books, films, magazines, podcasts, websites.

Organize in your community!
White people must take action to change local laws, policies, practices and cultures that maintain white supremacy.

Don’t expect BIPOC, people of the Global Majority, to do all the teaching.
White folks must work together to check and hold one another accountable to BIPOC history, work and leadership.
Read/watch/listen to the past and current work of People of Color.

Understand that the IMPACT of white peoples’ actions on People of Color is more important than their INTENT.
Good intentions, while important, are over-rated in light of centuries of still-existing privilege.
Concrete acts evidencing change are needed NOW!

Recognize that white supremacy is deeply connected to economic exploitation, patriarchy and other forms of oppression.
Work for reparations and other ways to address inequities.

Understand that ALL white folks benefit from white supremacy, and ALL folks will benefit from its eradication!
This includes “woke” white folks. All whites were raised in this culture and society, so dismantling white supremacy – like the fight for freedom itself–IS A CONSTANT STRUGGLE!

Know that white supremacy has created Settler-Colonial societies that abuse the Earth and non-human beings just as they do People of Color.
Theft of land and resources from Indigenous and other People of Color continues today.

Challenge racist language, actions and policies
in your personal life, on the job, in your faith community, everywhere.

Progressive white folks also perpetuate racism.
Analyze words and actions, finding ways to disrupt white supremacy in your daily life.

Recognize that white folks, including faithful allies, or comrades, will make mistakes.
Put ego aside, accept criticism (and thank those who offer it), let go of shame and learn.

Use the resources given to us by this oppressive system
to support liberation for all people and the redistribution of resources.

Listen to People of Color, they are experts in their own experience.
Recognize that people with privilege will never fully understand.

When organizing, build coalitions, alliances, accountable structures, partnerships, and – as appropriate – respectful multi-racial spaces.
Review whose presence, voice or perspective is not represented. Analyze your organization’s mission, constituency, leadership, practices, etc. Don’t tokenize or expect anyone to speak for their “group.”

Learn to “call in” rather than “call out” other white folks.
Engage in difficult conversations with family, neighbors, co-workers; avoid writing people off. We are building a movement.

Recognize that what feels comfortable and correct to you
is only one way, and other ways of being have been suppressed.

Compensate and credit BIPOC musicians, artists, writers, designers,
thinkers, and inventors for their work and contributions. Beware of cultural appropriation.

Show up, raise your voice (when appropriate) and take action.
White folks need to listen more, talk less and support individuals, organizations and communities of color.

In developing this poster, Syracuse Cultural Workers recognized that as a primarily white organization, we have much work to do in analyzing our policies, practices and work to dismantle white supremacy within our business and in the larger culture and community. That work and process is ongoing.

Special appreciation to the following folks who generously shared their time and expertise to make sure this message was on target:
Ionah Scully, Janet Flores, Vanessa Johnson, Matt Meyer, Mieko Palazzo, Cjala Surratt and Julio Urrutia.