WOMEN ARTISTS D24CW ... $18.95
3-5 ...$16.95

Compact, beautiful and environmentally respectful.

A handy, comforting, feminist diary that provides much needed hope and centering with a helpful dash of inspiration. Women’s
art, poetry and quotes carry us forward in these challenging times

• Flat opening, spiral-bound
• Uncoated stock for notations
• Lunar cycles, 13 native moons
• Weekly quotes by women
4.5 x 6.5" • Engagement

Cover Art: Carolyn Schlam ©

I have used the Women's Artist calendar for decades and find the art and writings always inspiring just at the right time. Over the years, I have gifted the planner to a growing circle of family and friends and we all agree that it is our most used and valued possession.
-Barb Kass Luck WI