Sku: 5531 S

Artwork: Brain Flower Designs ©2023

This artwork is the logo for Food and Ferments, a local business which creates and sells wonderful fermented foods. We saw it at their booth at the Syracuse Farmer's Market and thought our folks would love it! The design plays on the importance of caring for our gut (literally) by providing healthy food, including a good dose of fermented foods and Trusting Our Gut in terms of how we function in the world – standing up for justice and caring for our shared Earth.

Carly and Dave Dougherty started and run the business out of the organic farm where Carly grew up in nearby Truxton, NY. You can check out their tangy sauerkrauts, crunchy pickles, spicy kimchis and sparkling kombuchas online here or at the Syracuse Farmer's Market.

We appreciate their generosity in sharing the beautiful design.

Shirt is dark brown, NOT black.