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Notecard - In the Beginning

Kit Tossmann is a fiber artist living in Louisville, KY. Seeking to inspire, Kit creates liturgical and spiritual art quilts, banners, stoles, and vestments designed to enhance your worship space,...

Notecard - Sister Circle

Karen MacKenzie's artwork is inspired by mythology, indigenous cultures and an ongoing dedication to social and nature justice. Her 'Sister Circle' mandala is the logo for an organization she supports:...

Notecard - In Our America

In response to the 2016 election, a group of Portland (OR) women decided to support an era of activism, democracy and resistance. They call themselves Nasty Women Get Shit Done,...

Notecard - Animalitos

Ricardo Levins Morales' whimsical take on activist nurturance. Animals offer guidance to help us stay safe and take care of one another.

Postcard Collection - The Remarkable Struggle for Suffrage - A Centennial Postcard Collection

The four cards included in the collection are: Protesting Inequality At US Centennial In Philadelphia 1876 T236CW Art: excerpt from Matilda Who? pen and ink, and digital color comic by...