Sku: T298CWD

Letting Go of the Gender Binary

The Gender binary has its roots in colonization.

It was and is used as a form of hierarchy and control

Yet when we look back at history, we can witness long lineages...of human societies with gender expansive people.

All over the world we see a dynamic spectrum of plants, animals and other living beings embodying the same truth...

That we exist on a planet of beautiful and diverse possibilities!

No two people are the same. Why should our genders be?

When we let go of gender binary thinking, it frees all of us to be our true selves.

Self determination and gender expression are a human right!

When we practice using someone's pronouns, when we affirm gender expansive existences... we create networks of care. We create a safer world for all.

*This artwork is condensed from our larger 12-panel poster, a call to reflection, learning and action in solidarity with our non-binary siblings.

SCW/Molly Costello ©2023