Accordion Poster


The "Welcome" Story Our small “Welcome” poster, introduced Spring, 2012, has proved so popular that we decided to enlarge it as a welcoming visual for our poster exhibit “100@30” which hung in Syracuse for four months. I took the enlarged version to a teacher's convention in Atlanta only to promote the small version. After over 40 booth visitors said they also wanted the LARGE one (not realizing it wasn’t a product!), I decided to make the leap of faith and publish one. Well, one turned into two as it made sense to do a horizontal large version also. I say “leap” because producing the large version has been a complicated, difficult challenge. The result, however, is two inspirational, unique products that beautifully express the feminist, progressive values we all embrace. –Dik Cool, Syracuse Cultural Workers, Publisher and Founder

Accordion Posters The small version is ideal for hanging in residences or smaller scale settings and as a booklet for brief inspirational readings. All three versions come with a hole-punched backer card which is bar coded, and are wrapped in a biodegradable cellophane bag, rather than an oil-derived plastic bag.

Each of the seven panels in our accordion posters contains a beautiful, single letter from the word "welcome" which is filled with graphics of previously published SCW products.

Available in 3 formats