The Elizabeth Cady Stanton Collection

~ Voices of Historical Feminism ~ Sally Roesch Wagner, Editor

Set of five brief chapbooks. On Transforming Society • Book: K869CW...$6.95 On Economic Justice, Prison Reform & Capital Punishment • Book: K870CW...$6.95 On Reproductive Rights, Childrearing & Children’s Rights • Book: K871CW...$6.95 On Her 80th Birthday Speech • Book: K872CW...$6.95 On Women-Centered Cultures • Book: K873CW...$6.95

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, along with Lucretia Mott, organized the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls, NY in 1848 and was a key thinker, writer and organizer in the early Women's Rights Movement. Our chapbooks show how her thinking and analysis remain relevant over a century and a half later. Each unique chapbook provides a brief, accessible look at the thinking of this 19th century feminist foremother! All are softcover, 3.5x5.5, 24-36pps.