Sku: K027SS

Sex Is A Funny Word
Cory Silverberg
Art: Fiona Smyth

An exploration of how we relate to our bodies and how we want others to. Sections for all ages. Four characters provide vignettes, activity suggestions, and critical thinking questions on the themes of justice and respect. Sex Is a Funny Word is the first sex education book for this age group that is inclusive of lesbian, gay, and bisexual experience as well as transgender and gender-nonconforming children.

Topics covered include:
-- What is sex?
-- Privacy, safety, and respect
-- Boundaries regarding nudity, talking about sex, and touch
-- Assigned sex, gender identity, and gender roles
-- Names and functions of body parts
-- Protecting yourself against unwanted sexual touch and abuse
-- Crushes and love

Winner of the the 2016 Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction;
2016 Stonewall Honor for Books in Children’s and Young Adult Literature;
American Library Association Reading List 2016

Ages 4-14.

Hardcover, 7x9, 160pp., 2015.