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Over 25 years in the making, this tribute to the magic of garlic is the only cookbook by farmers (that we know of!) who also happen to be big garlic eaters– and chefs– as well. There are over 340 recipes from 150 North American farmers, including soups, appetizers and entrées. This is not ‘just another cookbook.’ It contains a chart on the ten varieties of garlic, helpful tips on growing and storing, plus a wealth of fascinating garlic lore including The Garlic Song by Ruthie Gordon and Charlie King. David Stern, founder of the Garlic Seed Foundation says, “ Garlic inspires feelings as strong as its odor!” And lest we forget, the significant medicinal value of garlic is also addressed. • Edited by Khurshed Bhumgara • Book Design Karen Kerney, SCW’s art director • Published by SCW and the Garlic Seed Foundation • Spiral bound - lies flat for easy kitchen use Softcover, 8.5x11, 128pp., 2014. Charming illustrations.