What Matters: Reflections on Disability, Community & Love
Janice Fialka

Janice Fialka is a brilliant writer. Micah Fialka-Feldman is her son. He is a teaching assistant at Syracuse University and one of the most charming people you will ever encounter. This remarkable story, draws on the reflections from family and friends - and walks us through the journey to this remarkable current reality. But the story begins as a stunning disability story except that this family said no. They decided that Micah wold be fully included and have a full life. And does he ever. Remarkably, Janice, Rich, Micah and Emma do not hold back. They have the courage to tell the story warts and all... which is why it is a must read for every family, every teacher - every person who cares about another person.

Softcover, 6x9, 238pp, 2016.