"May all beings be happy / May all beings be peaceful / May all beings be free" Quotation excerpted from Loving Kindness Meditation (Theravada Buddhism).

The monarch has become a symbol in the ongoing, critical struggle to stop genetically engineered (GE) foods. On May 20, 1999, Cornell Un. scientists announced that GE corn kills monarch larvae. This tragedy is a small portent of the catastrophic potential of GE crops and foods on the worlds' food systems. GE foods are banned or restricted, for good reasons, in Canada, Europe, Japan and India. It is past time we in the US took action. As Roxana Robinson wrote in The Boston Globe, September 6, 2006: Maybe we think everything legal is safe...write letters, quit using herbicides, reject GM crops..plant milkweed. For a while, monarchs will appear, airborne jewels, landing dreamily on our plants as though this were the only place on earth they want to be. Which it is. More info:

Erica Fielder's work reflects a lifelong concern with how humans fit into the natural world in a harmonious way. This luminous mixed media painting of monarch butterfly wings expresses the beauty, fragility and tenacity of the life force shared among all living things.