Sku: C672CWD

A Sensible, Loving Way to Live

Gail Calloway ©1997, Long and Cross Stitch

On Back of Card: The Politics of Sewing: This artwork connects two powerful forums for women's creative expression: samplers and political action. In the 1700's women were "second class citizens" in the US. Whereas men openly discussed their world views, women were not allowed to have a political voice. One arena that afforded women the opportunity to speak freely was sewing bees where samplers and other items were stitched. Important stories, feelings and ideas flowed as women and girls shared in these powerful consciousness-raising circles.

At the Women's Pentagon Action in 1980 thousands of women gathered, some planting markers in the Pentagon lawn for all women killed by male violence. Others wove the doors of the Pentagon shut with yarn and blocked the doorways until they were arrested. The focus of these acts of nonviolent civil disobedience was the Pentagon, which consumed and continues to consume money and resources better directed to human and community needs.