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Dimensions: 5 in x 7 in

Dimensions: 5 in x 7 in

How To End Violence Against Women and Children

SCW Community

One in three women murdered in the US is killed by her husband/boyfriend. 50% of wife-batterers also assault and abuse their children and animals. The sad regularity of reports of this violence spurred our efforts to bring this poster to reality. 32 things to think about/do to help stop this epidemic.

Work for full equality between men and women
in society and in personal relationships.
Examine the ways we legitimize male violence.
Understand that what it means to "be a man"
is defined by society.
Start on the playground.
Unplug boys and girls from violent media.
Promote good sports etiquette.
Hire coaches committed to nonviolence.
Do not use "like a girl" or "like a woman" as a put-down.
Encourage athletic activities that involve cooperation,
fun, physical health and camaraderie.
Teach children how to settle conflicts peacefully.
Recognize that verbal and emotional cruelty is also violence.
Understand that love does not involve control or ownership.
Remember: Anger is a feeling; violence is an action.
Do not express feelings with fists.
Teach boys and girls effective, respectful ways to
express frustration, sadness, and anger.
We are all role models. Be nurturing, loving, and caring.
Do not belittle, humiliate, or hit children.
Know that fathers who are active in their children's lives
make good dads.
Advocate for anti-violence laws and enforcement.
Recognize that the availability of guns increases lethal violence.
Ask local and elected officials to take action.
Teach your daughters that respect is just a minimum.
Teach your sons the same.
Teach boys and girls to communicate clearly in relationships,
and that "no" really does mean "no."
Question rape myths.
Recognize that alcohol and drugs feed violence.
Never excuse behavior by saying "boys will be boys."
Confront homophobia - it pushes men into being tough.
Do not use "gay" as a put-down.
Recognize that individual violence is supported
by social systems based on power and control.
Understand war's effect on women and children and men.
Resist glorifying violence.
Create new stories, myths, and heroes.
Praise gentle boys.
Encourage children to trust their instincts;
believe victims and children.


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