Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson was a true Renaissance man – an exceptional athlete, scholar, lawyer, actor, singer, author and political activist. His talents brought him fame, while his radical political beliefs and actions led to persecution for his black nationalist and anti-colonialist activities. As a result he has been largely been written out of history.

Karen Kerney, watercolor. SCW©1997.

Vignettes show different aspects of Paul's life: international singer and ambassador, athlete, activist for justice, friend of USSR. Map symbolizes his stature in the 1930s as best known American in the world. "...if we lift the curtain of silence surrounding his accomplishments, we may begin to walk down the road towards nationhood and equality." - NY Times.

"This amazing man, this great intellect, this magnificent genius with his overwhelming love of humanity is a devastating challenge to a society built on hypocrisy, greed and profit-seeking at the expense of common humanity." -- The New York Times