Beautiful artwork and text by Onondaga Nation artist Ron Toledo. Produced in collaboration with the Onondaga Nation to support their solidarity with Standing Rock. Poster Text:

In a world driven by greed, it is our responsibility to bring our minds together as one and unite in solidarity. We must fight for the future of the Seven Generations after us. One Spirit One Voice One People One Heart signifies the age old certitude that a single arrow can be easily broken, but a bundle is tougher to break. The Seven Arrows invoke the prophetic unification of spiritual teaching and respect to honor and protect the Seven Generations after us. Together, we will break the two headed snake that is fueled by greed for oil.

As Indigenous peoples from all Four Directions unite, each direction brings with them specific teachings, values and ways of living that enrich our relationship to the world. We are witnessing the four symbolic races unite in peace: the Red, White, Yellow and Black are all descendants of our Mother Earth. Together we defend our inherent four aspects of nature. It is our duty to protect and develop our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of life. The inter-connectivity of our livelihood is expressed in the four colors and direction of the Medicine Wheel.

The purple ring represents the oppression being placed on the aspects and ideals of the Medicine Wheel. A ring of protectors link their arms in unity. They are colored white to represent the peaceful prayer used to fight the heavy ring of oppression. We bring our minds together as one to fight for our Indigenous lands and resources throughout North American, South America and beyond. One Spirit. One Voice. One People. One Heart.

-Ronald Toledo Onondaga Nation Wolf Clan, 2016