May 23, 2024

Dear SCW friends, supporters and collaborators,

We write as the remaining co-founders of Syracuse Cultural Workers. In 1982, we sat in a huddle with Dik Cool and Linda Perla and dreamed up Syracuse Cultural Workers. We worked really hard to find you and let you know we had some exciting products to support your work for justice and peace. We reached out to every retail outlet we could find to get our peace calendars, cards and posters out into the world. Dik Cool was at the helm growing the business and overseeing every aspect that needed tending.

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Syracuse Cultural Workers Founders – 1982
Top row (from left): Karen Kerney, Linda Perla (1950-2012), Bottom row (from left): Jack Manno, Jan Phillips, Dik Cool (1943-2023)

As most of you know, Dik passed away last fall, sending shock waves throughout our community. Syracuse Cultural Workers suffered a huge blow, but we are still afloat and offering you the opportunity to help us renew ourselves during these unsettling times.

We know there is a market and great appreciation for our calendars, posters, T-shirts and other products which inspire the people and social movements of today. Our vision is a common one – a world where people can thrive without violence, persecution or oppression, where we collaborate to nourish and sustain all life on this planet Earth.

There are folks everywhere who would resonate with our products, but aren’t yet aware of them. And that’s where you come in. With your donations, we can expand our campaign to reach more people, sell more products and raise the cultural consciousness of the country. You can also share information about our work by sharing our emails, social media posts and paper catalogs.

Please make a donation here. Know that you are contributing to a safer, more peaceful world. Thanks so much for your ongoing support!

For a world of peace and Justice,

Karen Kerney, artist and grower of food
I started working with Dik on Peace Calendars in the mid 1970’s... Fifty years of brainstorming and telling stories...imagining themes and images that would support, encourage and enlighten in the coming year. I learned so much over these many years about People’s History, colonialism, patriarchy, capitalism, women’s history, racism, binary thinking, popular uprisings...I have identified as a coop baker, an organic farmer, an art director...all aspects of being a cultural worker. I’m in it for the the shared struggle and camaraderie, for the opportunity to do work that has value and meaning. I’m in it for the our future generations.

Jack Manno, poet, singer, professor Emeritus, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
I met Dik Cool in 1969, as a high school peace activist, making my way to the big city of Syracuse... I am so grateful that over many decades SCW has been, and remains a place where I can share my creative talents to help move the world forward by collaborating with other Cultural Workers! SCW represents a world view where diversity is cherished, peaceful resolutions are demanded and respect and gratitude for all life is our bottom line.

Jan Phillips, author, artist, activist and inspirational speaker
I teach around the country and find SCW posters on so many walls where I find myself... Sacred,” I have Tibetan prayer flags flying all around my patio, an Earth flag in the front, a yard sign that announces this household is anti-racist, pro-justice and welcoming to immigrants — all because of SCW’s commitment to provide us with beautiful and practical ways to “walk the talk.”

PS: Thank you so much for your generous support!

By Andy Mager


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