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For over 40 years, Syracuse Cultural Workers has engaged art and culture to transform the larger political tides of our country. We were born during the resistance to a renewed Cold War, to Reaganomics and related right-wing policies. Growing out the Syracuse Peace Council, we took on the mission to provide critical resources for grassroots movements.

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We weathered slow sales through the Clinton years and then grew massively as part of the burgeoning anti-war movement during the Bush era. We almost went under during the recession which coincided with Obama's election, and faced slow sales throughout his presidency (as many people mistakenly thought, perhaps we could take a break). The horrors of Trump's reign reignited social movements putting wind under our sails.

With Biden's election, many people who were exhausted from constant struggle have stepped back from movement work and it shows in our slumping sales.

We know that there are millions of people throughout the country – including in your community – who have yet to find us.

Specific ways you can support Syracuse Cultural Workers:

  • Use our products as holiday gifts this year (or as non-holiday gifts).

  • Request extra catalogs with your order to give to friends, take to meetings, share at your workplace or faith community...

  • Create and share your own social media posts with our products (a photo of you rocking a favorite T, showing a poster or card...) Be sure to include links to the products on our website.

  • Let us know if you have expertise in marketing or social media and might help us use those tools more effectively.

  • Take our catalog to your local indie bookstore, fair trade shop, food coop, gift shop etc. and let them know that you'd love to buy our products at their store.

  • Share our emails encourage folks to sign up for our email list.

  • Follow us and share our posts, stories and reels on social mediaFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestLinkedIn and TikTok.

  • Make a donation to support our work - it's not tax-deductible but really helps.

  • Reach out with your ideas about how we can grow and thrive! Email Andy Mager, or call 315-474-1132 ext. 22

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