Our small stickers come in various sizes and shapes, but are all high quality and durable. Most are union made 

All are available as magnets for a $2 upcharge.

Small Stickers

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Small Sticker - Hippy Peace Sign
Same Struggle Different sticker

Small Sticker - Same Struggle Different Difference

Dan Wilkins/Nth Degree/SCW ©1995/2023 This is an updated and expanded version of our intersectional design - adding segments representing the labor and anti-war movements and revising the original civil rights/anti-racist...

Small Sticker - Girls Can Do Anything!

For bikes, backpacks, bookcovers, lockers, wherever!

Small Sticker - Coexist

Sticker is about 5 x 1 1/2 inches.

Small Sticker - Boycott Bottled Water

TEN REASONS TO BOYCOTT BOTTLED WATER Bottled water corporations have depleted aquifers in rural areas. Plastic is an oil-derived product. It's imperative we reduce non-essential uses of oil. Pollution produced...