Anna Oneglia

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Notecard - Reflections

Reflections Anna Oneglia, mixed media ©1997

Notecard - Peaches

Peaches Anna Oneglia, mixed media ©1997 This image was the cover of our 2000 Women Artists Datebook.

Notecard - Red Dress Dancing

Red Dress Dancing Anna Oneglia, mixed media painting. SCW©2001. Quote by Ann Lamott: "And she is going to dance, dance hungry, dance full, dance each cold, astonishing moment, now when...

Notecard Collection - Anna Oneglia

Anna Oneglia ONLY $19.95 SAVE $10 4 each of 3 designs: •Red Dress Dancing C855CW •Peaches C772CW •Reflections C773CW Also available separately.