This poster, published in 2002 by SCW, is the work of Art Spiegelman, author of Maus which became the first (and to this point only) graphic novel to win the Pulitzer Price in 1992. The book sold six million copies in the US, became widely-used in school curricula and a classic of Holocaust literature.

In January 2022, a Tennessee public school district banned Maus in order to “protect children from profanity and nudity.” Art properly cast this decision as part of rising anti-semitism in the US. He said, “they want a kinder, gentler, fuzzier Holocaust.”

In response, sales of the book shot up in 2022!

The Roll Up Your Sleeves America poster offers Art's unique comment on America's addiction to fossil fuels and the role that plays in our nation's warmaking. Also available as a postcard.