Elizabeth Layton, colored pencil.

Greeting Inside:
Happy Mother's Day

On back of card:
On March 15, 1993, Elizabeth Layton died at 83 years old. The following excerpted text was written by progressive cultural theorist, Lucy Lippard.

*Who says art is powerless?*
In 1977, at age 68, Elizabeth Layton saved her own life and added immeasurably to ours. The medium of salvation was large, colored pencil drawings. The supplies were bought at the local drugstore in Wellsville, Kansas, where Layton - one of the most original and most feminist artists in the US today - was born. Her drawings are not only "high quality," but offer a view of American life rarely reflected in contemporary art. Aging, depression, dieting, marriage, grandmothering, death, world hunger, the nuclear threat, capital punishment, and the ERA are only a few of her subjects. Overriding them all is the theme of hope. Elizabeth Layton is able to tackle difficult content because she doesn't give a damn about the art world. She has unselfconsciously mastered the fusion of personal and political that so many progressive artists strive for. By using her own image to stand for all of denigrated, invisible, abused humanity, she has raised the universal from the particular. ~ Lucy Lippard

5x7, with envelope