Sku: C963CWD

Sudie Rakusin, mixed media ©2003

On Back of Card: "In my reading and in every painting I have ever seen of saints they are martyred, suffering, unhappy individuals. There is no representation of joy. One morning before I woke up, I heard a voice in my head listing new names for saints: Sanctus Cumulus, Saint of Clouds; Santa Nina, Saint of Winds and Breezes. A saint of planets, one of trees, one of rain and tears. I woke up knowing I was going to create my own collection of saints. These are the first few in my ongoing project. I hope they bring you some of their joy and peace as they watch over their sacred charges." - Sudie Rakusin

Santa Cumulus - Latin Saint of Clouds inspires us to honor our variegated moods, like the clouds that roll across the sky, changing shape and color.