Sku: C962CWD

Sudie Rakusin, mixed media ©2003

On Back of Card: "In my reading and in every painting I have ever seen of saints they are martyred, suffering, unhappy individuals. There is no representation of joy. One morning before I work up, I heard a voice in my head listing new names for saints: Sanctus Cumulus, Saint of Clouds; Santa Nina, Saint of Winds and Breezes. A saint of planets, one of trees, one of rain and tears. I woke up knowing I was going to create my own collection of saints. These are the first few in my ongoing project. I hope they bring you some of their joy and peace as they watch over their sacred charges." - Sudie Rakusin

Santa Flores - Spanish Saint of Flowers inspires us to remember that from bud to bloom there are many stages before the brilliance of full flower. Be patient, we are always where we need to be.