Sku: P372CW

Dimensions: 17 in x 21.5 in


We honor the powerful, creative, inspirational struggle for liberation waged by LGBTQAAI+ people and their allies for many, many decades (including before Stonewall).

On June 28, 1969 members of the LGBTQ community resisted a discriminatory police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. The ensuing rebellion lasted five nights and served as a galvanizing moment for the community to unite and spark a global movement for liberation and LGBTQ rights. That movement continues.

Art: Harry Freeman-Jones Design: Linda Malik and Dik Cool 1994 International March on the United Nations To Affirm the Human Rights of Lesbian and Gay People.

Fun Fact: This poster was used on the TV show Friends during season 1. It hung on the wall in the apartment of the characters Susan and Carol and was shown in many episodes.