Dear Friends:

The United States prides itself in being a nation of progress, opportunity, and most importantly— freedom. However, two years ago yesterday, we saw a pivot from those standards as the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Since then, abortion rights have been heinously stripped away from women & pregnant people in many parts of the country. Republican controlled states are using this opportunity to push for control of bodies & spirits. We cannot, and will not, stand for this injustice.

As a woman, I have seen first hand how my abortion rights are slipping away. Not only can having an abortion put me in prison in certain states, but funding for healthcare facilities that focus on reproductive justice are suffering. Abortions will never go away, so we must push for abortion to be legalized across the nation to keep our pregnant people safe.

Organizations like Planned Parenthood & the Center for Reproductive Rights, along with many others, continue the fight to secure reproductive rights for all. Syracuse Cultural Workers has also taken a stand to advocate for the Pro-Choice/Reproductive Justice movement. Remember, Roe v. Wade wasn’t just about abortions, but the right to have full autonomy over our own bodies, pregnant or not.

Nafisa Jeilani
SCW Intern


#Abortionrights #ReproductiveRights #abortionishealthcare #mybodymychoice #reproductivejustice #wewontgoback

By Andy Mager


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